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Placeit.Net - Is it worth your money and time?

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What is Placeit?

Pricing Plans


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As a designer or freelance artist having tools that help you be more productive and faster is crucial. Doing all the legwork yourself takes your precious time away and leaves you with less time to create new art and designs. Having to pay someone to do it for you when you are a small artist is also a hassle. This is where tools like Placeit come in and save you time and money.


What is Placeit?

Placeit is a design platform specializing in branding and marketing tools. It includes tools like mockups, templates, videos, logos, social media presets, and more.

The best thing about it is that you don't need to download any software, you only need an internet connection and you're good to go.

Placeit also has free templates you can use, there is no API integration, and the customer support is based on an email ticket system. It also has video templates for YouTube.

This site is suitable for eCommerce merchants, technology marketers, streamers, musicians, artists, and bloggers. You can also create animated logos and download your creations in different formats, such as PNG, PDF, and MP4.



To use Placeit you will need to subscribe with your email account but you don't have to purchase anything right away. The site offers monthly free templates that you can search through.

In order to unlock all the features you will have to pay. You can get a monthly plan ($14,95) or a yearly plan ($99.95). There are also single purchase options such as:

  • mockups $7,95

  • design template $2,95

  • logos $39,95

  • video mockups $9,95

You can cancel the subscription at any time with no hassle.

Placeit user interface is clean and easy to use. It also works on mobile devices. It doesn't have a specific app as of yet.



  1. MOCKUP TOOL there are over 35K mockups you can choose from. The library is easy to navigate and easy to find what you're looking for. You can utilize the filters to narrow your search as well. Some of the mockup models are indeed outdated but they can still be used to help you showcase your designs in a unique way. The process of making a mockup is also easy. You simply choose the mockup template and upload your design to it. You can add text and other graphic elements to some of the mockups, and even change the background. When you're done you just click on the download button and you get a high-resolution image ready to use in your marketing campaign. The files come in PNG format. There are several types of mockups to choose from, such as T-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, tote bags, beanies, face masks, dresses, leggings, journals, phone cases, mugs, business cards, flyers, books, shirts, and pillows,...

  2. DESIGN The design library has over 10K templates and assets you can play with. You can make anything from T-shirt designs to Twitch backgrounds. The editing platform is easy to use and straightforward. Unfortunately, it comes with some limitations, such as not having layers when designing, no advance cropping, adjusting the opacity of objects, adding your own SVG files, and changing their color... You can add graphic images and drag them into place, make them bigger or smaller, add and edit text, change the background, and that is about it. The design library offers a lot of pre-made templates for apparel, print, gaming, music and podcasts, and social media assets.

  3. LOGO DESIGN In the templates library there are over 5K templates available for you to use. They are neatly organized into categories and business types. The categories include clothing, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, education, arts, finance, legal, healthcare, architecture, design, gaming, and more. The Placeit logo maker comes with the same limitations as the editor. But it does allow you to change the logo layout, you also have two options for downloading are 4000x4000 PNG file or a PDF file. Many of the designs for logos are available for FREE with the same high-resolution.

  4. VIDEO You can choose from over 900 video animations and templates and over 1000 FREE music tracks to go with them. You can search through video intros, outros, slideshows, gaming videos, and social media videos. You can add text, audio, and slides, and change the playback speed. The download format available for the videos is MP4 only.

  5. GAMING At Placeit you can find everything you need for your gaming channel, from animated logos, merch, streaming templates, twitch templates, and YouTube templates,...

  6. FREE IMAGE CROPPER With it you can resize your designs to use on different SM platforms. This tool works for JPEG and PNG files, maximum dimensions are 7500x7500 and 12MB file size.

  7. FREE VIDEO AND GIF CONVERTER Make highlights of your videos, put them into a gif, and share them across all SM platforms. You can type in the dimensions of your new gif or choose from an existing one, and adjust the frame rate. Your uploaded video must be an MP4 or MOV file, with maximum dimensions of 1920x1920, 100MB, and 40s long.

  8. FREE ONLINE VIDEO CROPPER You can choose between different size presets or type in your custom dimensions. This tool has the same video format and sizing limitations as stated above.

  9. BLANK CANVAS DESIGNS You can also make your designs from scratch. This feature is still in the beta stage and comes with limitations. You only have basic editing availability. The same as the design tool listed above. It's mostly a click-and-drag system. You can change the colors of graphics, import images, and add limited text. It doesn't have a layer change option so you need to map out what to put on first for the background and what is going to be in the front.



All in all, Placeit has some great features that any artist or designer can benefit from. I mainly use the mockup feature and video creation feature. It saves me time because I can make hundreds of mockups for social media marketing fast.

How about you? What do you think of Placeit.Net? What do you use it for?



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