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Monthly Recap: August 2023

monthly recap August 2023

Hi there! 🎨✍️ As the curtains close on the hot and rainy month of August here in Slovenia and we rush towards September, it's time once again for our monthly evaluation. Can you believe how quickly August has flown by? Before we leap forward, let's indulge in a quick recap of the month, and get a bit of a sneak peek into September.

As you may not know, or you may, August is my birth month. This month I turned 35 believe it or not. I sure can’t. Where did all the years go by so quickly? Well, I’m not much of a party animal so there was no Birthday Party. I spent this time with my daughter and my mother relaxing by the pool in Brestanica, I like this pool mostly because it’s just one big pool for swimming and as an employee, I have seasonal tickets for me and my daughter, so I don’t really have to spend money for it. It has a nice, local, and cozy vibe to it with an open bar and everything you basically need to chill. No slides though, but still worth it.

happy birthday banner done with canva

I did get a pleasant surprise at my workplace; I started working in a Youth Center to change my work environment. Working from home gets tiring after some time. I really like working there, I have my own office, I’m sort of a receptionist, info spot coordinator, and I do social media marketing for the Centre. We work mostly with the youth – from middle school to college. And we also have a hostel. Anyway, I really didn’t expect anything, but my coworkers really surprised me with gifts and a Birthday song. This new job does really take a lot of my time away from freelancing, but I enjoy it. I get to meet new people, practice my English, and get to see how workshops are formatted and led in real time. My contract is only for one year, but the experiences that will come from it will last forever. I even got new ideas on how I can continue my freelancing business with them. But that topic is for another day, and it still needs a bit of remodeling.

Here are some of the designs I did for my job.

social media post designs done with Canva

August for me was very busy. Since I work a full-time job now and do freelancing on the side, my time has become very limited. I’ve noticed it more so now in August. Because my YT channel is starting to suffer because of it. Making two videos per week just won’t be doable anymore. So, I’ve decided to make only one long video per week and one short, I would be an idiot to stop now since the channel has started to grow slowly. And I like the teaching aspect of it.

I didn’t make any new designs in August, just didn’t have the time for it. My goal was to promote my existing ones as much as I can and to actually evaluate my entire shop. Get them more niched down and in front of as many people as I can. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for commissions on Instagram but because I’m really tight on time I don’t want to accept them. I don’t want to say I’ll do them and then not have the time to finish them. I would only feel bad afterward and stress out. Maybe in September.

I did become more active on FB, more specifically in several FB groups. This time I also leave comments and give advice. People started to send friend requests and liked my FB page. I guess I’m slowly coming out of my shell and starting to talk to people. Networking is essential for building a business, but if you’re an introvert like me that can be a problem. But I’m not giving up just yet.

So, did I manage to complete my August goals?

Well, yes and no.

Did I keep up with my YT channel?

Somewhat. I got time swamped a bit but I’m working on it.

Did I keep up with my blog and my BlogCast?

Yes, I did manage to keep up with that. With the help of ChatGPT, I could get my ideas in writing more easily.

Did I promote my designs on all my social media platforms successfully?

That I did. With the help of Canva planner and scheduler, Adobe Express planner and scheduler, and META planner this goal was accomplished.

Did I make new designs?

No, didn’t have the time for this one. Maybe in September.

Did I reorganize my Tee Public store?

Also no. I completely forgot about it, to be honest. I’ll transfer this to September.

Did I finish designing my children’s corner website and make new books?

Also no. I forgot about this one too. But I did start to rebuild the website for it last week. I’ll have to finish this in September.

Did I exercise, sleep and eat?

To the bare minimum, I did. This one is an ongoing project that still needs improvements.

As I can see some of the goals will need to be transferred into September which means I need to be careful what goals I add, so I don’t overwork myself.

september goals banner done with Canva

  1. Keep up with YT Channel

  2. Keep up with the blog and BlogCast

  3. Make new templates for Social Media postings

  4. Make Halloween designs for the PayHip store and Zazzle store and promote them

  5. Reorganize Tee Public store

  6. Finish re-designing website and make new books

And there you have it, our artful odyssey of August wrapped up with a bow! 🎁 As September looms on the horizon, I'm reminded of the ever-changing canvas of our world. Change is the only constant, and I am ecstatic to share my thoughts, experiences, and projects with you. As always, I genuinely cherish your company on this journey. If there’s a specific topic or trend you’re itching to explore, drop your thoughts in the comments below. Let's keep the conversation flowing.

Until next month, keep those creative juices flowing and stay inspired! 💡🖌️

P.S. Want a sneak peek into next month's theme? Make sure you're subscribed to our newsletter, so you never miss a new blog post! 😉💌


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