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Illustrations I've done so far.

Some are raster images and some are vector images.

Most of my artwork is done in Krita, IbisPaintX, Sketchbook, FireAlpaca, and Affinity Programs. 

Pattern Designs

Here are all the current pattern designs, surface pattern designs, and pattern collections that I've done so far. Most of them are vector-based and done in Affinity Designer but some are raster-based and done in Krita. 

Almost all of the patterns that are shown here are also available in my Zazzle and Redbubble stores. 

Mandalas and Snowflakes

Here are the most recent mandala and snowflake designs I've done.


Most of them are done in Krita, but some are also in Affinity Designer. 

Graphic Design

Here you can see all the graphic design projects that I've done. 


From flyers, infographics, logo design, product design, cover design, and so on. 

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