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Monthly Recap: June 2023

June recap 2023

I can’t believe that June is already ending. This was the busiest month ever. I’ve successfully managed to transfer all my projects and activities into my Google Calendar and kept up with the schedule. Some adjustments were needed to the content that I decided to put out, but I can say with ease that I’ve managed to do it with flying colors.

In June I had some online classes pending so my mornings were a bit full, but I still managed to create content for YouTube which I can see has started to grow day by day. I have more video content pending which I’ll have to make in July, but overall things are looking good. I changed my posting schedule as well and added one more video tutorial per week. Now I post on Fridays and Sundays and Short form videos on Tuesdays. So far, the schedule has been working. But I don’t know how it will go from here on because I got approved for the collaboration which means I’ll be away for 8 hours per day during the week working on other projects and this will leave me less time and energy to work on my channel. I will have to be even more strategic and make content in bulk.

When it comes to this blog, with a bit of help from Chat GPT I’m safe to say that I have at least two months covered. The main issue is filming the YouTube videos because they take quite a bit of time to film and edit. I will have to grind my teeth and pull through.

“No Pain No Gain” Right?

I finished with Social Media posts and scheduled them for July. Now I need to get started on August posts which I’ll do in the first week of July. I was thinking of creating new products for Zazzle and my shop but at the moment I’ll just promote the ones I already have and work on the video content. I am thinking of making a bundle box for August for my PayHip shop but don’t know the theme just yet.

When it comes to the BlogCast all the new blog posts have been recorded already and the ones for July as well, which I’m very proud of.

My goals and plans for July are still a bit up in the clouds. Because I will have to see how much energy and time I will have left after my collaborations work. At this point, it hasn’t been that difficult, but I am pretty tired when I come home, and I can’t really sit behind the computer because my back starts to hurt a lot. I am aiming to have enough time to still make YouTube videos and make the new social media posts for August. And possibly start creating the bundle for my PayHip store. I just need some time to get adjusted from being outside the house and finding the energy to keep up with all the workload.

Let the madhouse begin!

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