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Monthly Recap: July 2023

recap July 2023

Here we are at the end of July. Another month passed by really fast. In this month’s recap, I’ll focus primarily on my YouTube channel since I’ve been focused more on that.

Over all the performance of the posts that were scheduled for July was as expected. Some got more views and interaction than others but that was expected. I did post more product-related posts than the previous month and changed the dimensions of the posts a bit to see how they perform on mobile. Since most people consume content through their phones anyway.

The results are still coming in and I’ll analyze them at the end of August, if they pan out then I’ll leave them as they are.

I also started to use Canva Brand Template feature a lot. As a marketer of my own products, I need to make a lot of content to promote my products, and having premade templates that visually work is a time saver. This way I have template posts for the whole month ready. All I need to do is to insert my mockups and change the text.

I didn’t create any new designs this month. I was planning on making a back-to-school bundle for my PayHip store, maybe I’ll still do it at the beginning of August. But I was just too busy with this new job that I just didn’t have the time. Now I fully get how hard it is to juggle everything, from a full-time job to creating content, creating products, marketing, and still having time for yourself and your family. Sometimes something just has to go. And unfortunately, my videos were delayed because of it. Just for a few days, but I was just too tired to keep up.

Considering all the projects I’m currently on I’m surprised I’m still breathing.

So, August! It’s here and it’s also my birth month. Yes, my birthday is in August. Am I planning anything special for turning 35? Not really, I don’t have the time. I have to work if I want to realize my dream of being self-sufficient and working for myself. Now, it’s time to hustle and bustle. I’ll rest when I’m dead.

Here are my August goals:

  • Keep up with making YouTube videos

  • Keep up with my blog and with the BlogCast

  • Promote my designs as much as I can

  • Maybe make some new design

  • Reorganize my Tee Public store and delete all the designs that are not doing well.

  • Finish designing my children’s corner website and make more books for that site.

  • Exercise, sleep, and eat well.

See you again at the end of August.


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