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Social Media Images Sizes Guide 2023

As a graphic designer or any type of content creator, it is imperative that you stay on point when it comes to social media image sizes. Different platforms require different image sizes, for posts, stories, profiles, headers, and so on. When you are creating social media posts through online designers you don’t really have to think about the sizes because they have already made templates for you to use but when you are not using them knowing the right image size for each platform is crucial.

Here you can find all the image sizes in pixels for the major social media platforms.


For best results upload files with less than 100KB, JPG, images with text or logos in PNG

Cover photo size – 820 x 312px for desktop, 640x360px for mobile

Profile photo size – 180 x180px for desktop, 140x140px for mobile

Banner dimension – 1200x630px

Post – 1080x1080px

Story – 1080 x 1920px

Event cover image size – 1200 x 628px

FB group cover photo – desktop 1640 x 662px, for mobile 1640 x 859px


Profile picture- 400x400px (less than 2MB)

Cover photo – 1500x500px (less than 5MB)

Shared image – 900x450px

In-stream photo size: 440x220px

File size should be less than 10 MB and file type can be JPG, PNG or GIF.

Linked In


Profile Photo – 400x400px

Cover image – 1584x396px


Company logo – 300x300px minimum (4MB file size max)

Cover image – 1128x191px

Blog post – 1350x440px (max 10MB)


Profile - 165x165px

Banner image - 1920x480px

Board image sizes - 222x150px

Standard pin - 1000x1500px

Square pin - 1080x1080px

Long pin - 1000x2100px

Best recommended photo size – 1200x1800px, 1920x1080px


Profile photo - 110x110px

Post – 1080x1080px

Story – 1080x1920px

Highlights – 110x110px


Channel cover photo – 2560x1440px

Channel icon – 800x800px

Video uploads: 16:9 ratio, 4K,2K, 1080p (HD), 720p (HD), 480p, 360p, 240p, 144p

Maximum file size for upload – 128 GB

Thumbnail images - 1280x720px or 1920x1080px, JPG OR PNG


I hope these guidelines improve your visual content and get you extra engagement on your future posts.



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