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Monthly Recap: March 2023


  • post 10 new designs to Zazzle daily

  • make Pinterest pins in advance for April and schedule them

  • make Instagram posts in advance for April and schedule them

  • complete all major tasks written in the planner

  • write all the blog posts for April and schedule them

  • make new products for PayHip store and promote them

I can not believe that March is ending already. It went by so fast. I managed to create new designs and a collection in my Zazzle store called That Cat Life Collection. It mostly consists of stationery products and home decor items.

The next big thing is that I finally finished the Kids Activity eBook which can be used on an iPad or Tablet. I'll keep it on sale until the end of April. It took me months to finish it mostly because when I started it I made almost everything but then I put it aside to do other designs and projects and somehow forgot about it until recently.

In March the Instagram community grew a bit, we are still not at 200 but we are slowly getting there. It has to do with the fact that I post regularly and my posts are unified. Just art and drawings in the same style, which is kawaii and cartoon.

I still haven't fixed the sleeping situation though I did woke up at 10 for the past few days which is an improvement. I can't really have a good night's sleep mostly because the cats keep waking me up because they want to get into or out of the house. Our two cats live half inside and half outside. It's doable mostly because we live in a small town that has little to no traffic.

The best part is that I'm getting better at using Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Premiere Pro. There is still a lot that I need to learn and I'm getting there. Slowly learning along the way.

I also decided to invest in a Canva Pro account because I want to make and sell editable printables. I'm loving the pro features so far.

What is the forecast for April?

Well at the end of the month is my daughter's Birthday (15) so I'll need to prepare for that. Last year I took her and her friends to the trampoline park. I don't know what they want to do this year. Hope nothing too big.

But business-wise I'll need to plan for May and make new Pins and posts. I also need new art prints for Zazzle so some drawing will be required. For the time being, I will continue what I've been doing so far and see how it goes.

Bey Bey March and welcome the rainy season of April.


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