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Monthly Recap - February 2023

February is the shortest month of all but also the slowest. I guess most people spent a lot of money on Christmas presents so they need a few months to recover. But then Easter is just around the corner and we need to start preparing for it.

February has been a bit slow but that doesn't mean I wasn't doing anything. Working on new designs, writing new posts, creating new videos, and learning new programs. So far, I've never missed a deadline which is an improvement.

I have also switched to Adobe products mostly because my daughter is going to need them for high school and she will get a student discount but I thought why not try them out before school starts? I do have to say when I compare Affinity suit to Adobe, Affinity is easier to use because everything is visible and at hand, whereas in Adobe you need to set it up and the icons are not that easily recognizable. The Adobe products require of you quite the learning curve before you can start making anything. But I will say once you get it, the workflow is faster and easier.

This Is what I've made in Illustrator so far...

They do have a downside, which is working on bigger files slows down my computer drastically. I don't have those problems when working with Affinity products. For the past week, I've mostly been using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premier Pro. I still have to try out InDesign for KDP journals and compare it to Affinity Publisher.

When it comes to my monthly goals. I've managed to accomplish most of them. My Instagram is still growing, I at least get 3 to 5 new followers per week. It's not a lot but it is something. I also started to get new subscribers on my YouTube channel which is encouraging me to make more videos since people are watching them and subbing to my channel.

March is on its way which means spring is also coming, and it's gradually becoming warmer each day. I hope it'll keep getting warmer cause I'm done with winter and the cold. We didn't even have much snow, it was just wet and cold. But since spring is coming the days are also getting longer, and my goal for March is to go out more. During winter I was inside most of the time and went out when it was already dark. But now I can finish my work during the day and go for a walk in the afternoon. Which also brings me to another goal, waking up in the morning and going to bed early. My biorhythm is totally scrued. I stay up until 4 am and wake up at 12 am. I basically sleep through half of the daytime. I need to make time to exercise and move my body and not just sit behind the computer all day and draw, design, and watch YT.

When it comes to work, I have a weekly planner and a daily planner and I accomplish everything I put in them which is all related to work. I need a planner for other life events as well.

Anyway, I hope your February was good to you and you achieved everything you set out to do.

Here are some FREE downloads for St. Patric's Day and Easter.


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