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Monthly Recap: April 2023

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It is the end of April and in Slovenia, we are having some holiday days, the kids are home from school as well. The 27th of April was a day off (everything was closed), and on the 1st and 2nd of May, it will be also. And tomorrow is my daughter's Birthday, so I won't be working the whole day. So, I need to be prepared in advance.

Even though I had scheduled all my social media posts I still had a lot of work to do during April. I have come to the realization that by scheduling posts ahead of time I can focus more on making new designs. I finally made this digital planner which has over 400 pages and it is fully hyperlinked. It is available in my shop and until the end of May with the code May50Digital, you can get a 50% off all products.

In April I also bought a new domain called and made a new website for my books for kids with Canva, but I am thinking of moving it to Google Sites, just because it is easier to make new pages there, and also I'm re-thinking of having a Canva Pro account more to the fact of all the drama that happened and I can use Wepik for the same things. I'm already paying for it anyway. But just for this year I'll have the Pro Canva account and next year I'll re-think things.

I also opened a new Zazzle store, called My Sarcastic T's which is only going to have T-shirt designs in it. At the moment there are 4th of July designs and some Bridezilla designs, but I'm planning on making more in May.

The plan for May is to:

  1. create the Social Media posts for June in the first week

  2. create new T-shirt designs for my new store

  3. make pattern designs with Reeper

  4. learn typography layout better and lettering

  5. work on using Illustrator and Photoshop more

  6. make more videos for the YouTube channel

  7. start planning for Summer and fall

  8. make more KDP books and notebooks before summer starts for the back-to-school period

Did I accomplish everything I set to do last month, I would say mostly yes. I'm still working on self-improving and becoming more disciplined with having a working schedule and separating business life and personal life a bit better. I also need to learn more on the business side and be more knowledgeable in running a business, advertising, and marketing. I think I'm doing pretty ok, but the sales are not where I would want them to be just jet. I don't want to be a starving artist. My goal is to live life comfortably and do what I love most, which is to create art, designs, and content that people will learn from and enjoy having.


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