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Low Motivation: Temptation to quit ART

Updated: May 8, 2023


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As a creator and artist, I come across this problem quite often. The feeling of not being motivated to work on an art piece or on a piece of content has crossed my mind multiple times during this year (2021).

Digital art, illustration, firealpaca art
Thinking Woman Illustration

Mostly because when I’m creating for pleasure, just because I want to or because I’m trying out a new program, I’m having fun. But when I need to do it for content or for a commission because I need to pay the bills, I’ve noticed I started to dread it and eventually avoid it. Mainly because I’ve been doing art and being a freelancer for two years but I’m not nearly close to where other artists are and most months I barely break even with profits.

Creating constantly from morning till night, posting my art online, posting on POD sites (Redbubble, Zazzle, DA…), making my website, posting on Amazon, and then promoting my products on social media and Pinterest it takes a lot of time and most of that is highly analytical. Getting the correct keywords and hashtags so I’ll get noticed. Most of those tasks are mundane and boring but you still need to do them if you want to be seen, if you want your art to sell. Also being an introvert doesn’t help, because it stops me from networking and talking to people. Telling people about my art.

It would also help if my current friend base and family would support me, push my art ahead. But I get more likes from strangers than from the people I know. Which is sometimes also demotivating. To see that your own friends and family don’t support you and wish to see you succeed.

I thought, well expected, that at least my family would show support or at least buy an art piece to show support. But all I get is “Oh she is doing this now? Good for her. What’s for dinner?” I mean they don’t have to break the bank or anything but at least tell people about my art, or at least squeeze a like. NO! Really? Petty much?

Then I start to think “Why am I doing all this for? As of now, this is just an overpriced hobby. Should I just quit? And find a boring, 9 to 5 job in a factory somewhere?”

Hell NO, I’m too deep into this and I really enjoy doing art and design, so I’ll make it work. I might not be a millionaire but at least it pays the bills, maybe by the end of this year I’ll start to see greater results.

They say perseverance and smart work is the key to success. Not hard work, but smart work. So, let's get smart and start working properly.

Get that groove going.

There is a quote saying, the temptation to quit is greater right before you succeed.

I believe it has some weight in it. Don’t you?

"This post includes affiliate links, cause I need to pay my bills."


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