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Dealing with drawing challenges and their (un)popularity.

I’m always late for “Inktober”

There are all these art challenges going on that I’ve just recently noticed. What? I live under a rock.

Anyway, I started to see more and more posts about art challenges on my Instagram feed and on my Pinterest feed. So, I looked it up on YouTube. There is a ton of challenges anyone can participate in. But one that is probably the most famous and it happens once a year in one month is “Inktober”.

Well, it was at least. Up until recently when people were all friendly and civil. But no, someone had to ruin this one too. Really? Can people not be petty and create drama around every single thing? Guess not.

So, “Inktober” is a trademarked word, you can’t use it on art and sell it. Good to know. But also, every October you would challenge yourself with 31 prompts and try to make an ink drawing every day. How big the drawing was, was up to you.

I only participated in this challenge two times, mostly because I thought it was cool. Maybe I’ll do it this year too, IDK. But the thing that started bugging me was the drama that people made last year about this challenge and the artists that started it and about stolen art and jada jada jada…

Ok yes, there was some controversy there and plagiarism, but other artists and commentary channels made a whole fuss about it and blew it way out of proportion. And now people are saying that “Inktober” is canceled.

Bitch you can’t cancel a challenge! It’s a challenge for a reason. To challenge yourself and your skills. Anyone can participate. You just can’t make an event out of it or sell the pieces with the official logo because it’s TRADEMARKED, and it’s been around for so long it’s outdated and practically nobody does it anymore.

Well, I found other art challenges that are pretty cool too but hardly anybody does them anymore because the videos that YT recommended were from 5 years back… the irony, right!

So, this year I’m doing my own "Inktober" challenge called Witch's Month. You are welcome to join me and let's do the challenge together. I'll be posting my drawings on a Pinterest board and on my Instagram so go over there and tag me. Let's have a blast...



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