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Bestselling Christmas Products on Zazzle 2022

"This post included affiliate links"

The jolly season is just around the corner, and because of it, we need to get ready. Shopping for Christmas gifts has never been easier with the vast majority of people shopping for the perfect first online. Nowadays most online sellers offer a huge line of gift choices and ideas. Some might get overwhelmed by all the choices. But most of us want the gifts to be meaningful and personal, and where better than Etsy can you get those types of gifts? It is Zazzle of course.

Shopping statistics for personalized gifts around holiday season tends to grow by at least 45%. Some online stores even offer to ship the products directly to the recipient of the gift so that the buyer only has to choose the gift and pay. Nice right?

But here comes the dilemma we all face when shopping for gifts. What to buy?

Here are 18 Christmas best selling products on Zazzle this winter:

  1. Christmas Cards

  2. Christmas Ornaments

  3. Pillows

  4. Stockings

  5. Wrapping paper

  6. T-shirts

  7. Hoodies

  8. Scarves

  9. Aprons

  10. Mugs

  11. Stickers

  12. Gift bags

  13. Tree skirts

  14. Blankets

  15. Table runners

  16. Pet Supplies

  17. Puzzles

  18. Mason Jars

Christmas cards are a beautiful and unique way of showing your love, sentiment, and thoughtfulness to your loved ones. Receiving a customized Christmas card lets others know that you are thinking of them.

Through personalized holiday cards you can share your good memories and well wishes with the people you care about.

Holiday cards are always in demand and are a top best selling item for Christmas season. On Zazzle, you can select from hundreds of designs, from funny, sarcastic, hand-drawn, photo collages, and much more. The only thing you need to do is pick one add your photos or text and send it to the recipient.

Christmas ornaments are also one of the best selling seasonal products especially if you have the option of customizing them with your favorite photos and text.

Christmas ornaments have a versatile usage. You can hang them practically anywhere around the house, not just the Christmas tree.

There are various shapes and sizes you can choose from and materials as well. Some are designed in a way that allows you to edit them on-site by adding your family photo and text.

When the Christmas season is nearing most people tend to decorate their space with festive decorations, this includes the bedding and pillows. When they are specifically personalized, they even make the perfect gifts.

Who doesn’t like to see a special pillow on their bed or couch with their photo or a photo of a loved one on it?

In Zazzle you can find special designs for pillows that you can modify to suit your taste or choose from thousands of other seasonal themed designs ready to be made just for you and your family.

Christmas stockings are nowadays hung mostly for decorative purposes, but some still fill them in with candy and smaller gifts. At Zazzle, you can find lots of different designs, with photos, special text, lovely drawings, and so on.

Most of the stockings are editable and you can get a personalized stocking for each of your family members. You can even put a personalized message on it.

When it comes to wrapping your gifts for your family and friends the perfect wrapping paper counts. Wrapping your gifts in a personalized and unique paper, makes the unveiling experience even more special. At Zazzle you can choose from unique and specially designed Christmas wrapping paper for everybody, from kids to grandparents, to lovers and friends, even pets get their own wrapping paper.

Some designs are a seamless repeat patterns but some offer editing on the site, where you can add your photos or your own text to the pre-existing design.

In the true spirit of Christmas, there is nothing more unifying than a funny and unique t-shirt for each of the family members. Christmas T-shirts are a versatile gift, people can wear them as they are or over a long sleeve for the cooler parts of the globe.

There are hundreds if not thousands of extraordinary Christmas T-shirt designs at Zazzle. Some even offer editing on-site so you can add your own personal touch to an already existing design.

They can be a great family keepsake that you can give to your family members and friends. Couples can have matching Christmas T-shirts to express their love for each other.

Hoodies are gaining in popularity but for Christmas they are simply a must wear. They are cozy, and warm, you can hide your head from the cold. There are thousands of different designs you can choose from at Zazzle. Much like T-shirts, they can have the same purpose but more for the cooler part of the globe or for the people who just prefer to wear hoodies to T-shirts.

You have the option to personalize them or choose from already made designs with great graphics.

In some parts of the globe scarves are a must have, keeping you warm and in style. You can combine a Christmas Hoodie or T-shirt with the perfect scarf. You can give scarves to family and friends and put their names on them.

At Zazzle there are tons of Christmas scarves that are already designed for you, some even allow you to edit them on the spot. They are the perfect gift that can be added to other gifts as a compliment or as a stand alone personalized gift. And not all designs are green and red.

Granted that this types of gifts are not suited for everyone but mostly the ones who cook the most or for those who love cooking family Christmas dinners. To make them even more special adding a name or a photo can make an apron into the perfect Christmas gift for a mom, grandmother, party host, and so on. You can go for a classic or vintage look, modern or minimalistic.

At Zazzle you have the option to add your own text and images and make the apron really special for the recipient.

Seasonal themed mugs are perfect Christmas items to give as a gift or to buy for home décor. Mugs are products that are always in demand. With a specially designed mug you can bring joy and happiness to your family, friends, colleagues, or employees.

At Zazzle you have different types of mugs available and a tone of premade templates. You can search through funny text designs to custom photo designs where you can add your own photo and text to an already existing design.

When it comes to house décor where are many options to consider one and probably the cheapest one are stickers. You can stick them to the windows so they can be seen from the outside or decorate the walls with larger ones. The options are endless. There are different types of stickers from images to text, from small ones to big ones.

You can also personalize them with your own text or graphic elements. If you own a business, you can create custom label stickers for your product packaging.

When you have a lot of people to gift wrapping every gift gets tiring. To accommodate you Zazzle has personalized gift bags one of the options are also reusable gift bags which contribute to the environment and people can use them all throughout the year.

You can choose from several pre-made designs and also between a tone of designs that allow you to put up your own images, text, logos, and so on.

Using gift bags instead of wrapping paper is great for teachers, employers, small businesses, and people with large families mostly because you can order in bulk and save some money that way.

Now here is a Christmas decoration for all who don’t like looking at the bulky feet of a Christmas tree. Since the Christmas tree is usually the centerpiece of the house you want it to look presentable and with a nice tree skirt you can hide the plant vase, trunk, tree stand, or wires from the lights underneath it and make it the perfect decoration.

In Zazzle you have a variety of tree skirts you can choose from; some have the option where you can make them even more personal by adding your own images and text to them.

During the cold winter days, we all want to snuggle under a warm blanket and if it is specially made just for us, it has an even warmer feeling to it. If you want to give someone the perfect, personalized, and warm gift then a Christmas blanket is the best choice.

At Zazzle you can find a variety of unique Christmas designs for blankets that also offer personalization with photos and text. You can choose between different sizes and materials.

Since they are bigger to print the price might be a bit higher but when you see the end result and the warm and happy expression on the recipient's face upon receiving one it’s all worth it.

During the seasonal time we all want our homes to reflect the season and there is no better feeling than sitting around a perfectly decorated table filled with Christmas goodies. For this occasion, table runners and cloths that reflect the Christmas spirit are just an added bonus.

At Zazzle you can find all sorts of Christmas designs for dinnerware, not just table runners. Some also have the option of adding your own family photos and text to them. All you’re left to do is to choose the right design and lengths for your table.

When it comes to the festivities and gifting, we also like to include our pets. Gifting your cat or dog with a special bowl, collar, leash, placemat, bed, or bandana might not impress them much but they sure like the attention they get when receiving gifts. When it comes to the time to open the gifts they don’t feel left behind and excluded from the family activities.

At Zazzle you can add the photo of your pet on them or their name, or you can choose from hundreds of other pre-made designs.

Here is another great gift idea for old and young. Everyone loves puzzles but when the image is a family photo or a favorite cartoon character the joy of putting all the pieces together is even greater.

At Zazzle you can choose from a variety of puzzle designs, come you can also modify and add your own photos and text to them. There are also different sizes of puzzles for you to choose from.

Who doesn’t like to drink their favorite coco or iced coffee from their large Mason Jar? I have to admit I have at least 10 of them at home and each is for different occasion.

Wouldn’t it be so great if you could put a special Christmas wish or a funny quote on your Mason Jar and make one for each of your family members with their names on it? When you look for such jars at the store you can only find some names but this way you can write the name yourself. You can also choose from hundreds of pre-made designs.

It looks like Zazzle really has anything your heart desires, and if you hadn’t noticed yet all the gifts can be personalized on site. I have to say this is the best quality that attracted me to Zazzle in the first place. You can make your own personalized gifts with ease and you don’t have to be a design expert simply insert the text and photos through the tab “personalize this template” but if you are a bit more tech-savvy you can go a step further and open an onsite design editor that allows you to edit the whole design and add elements as you desire at the same time you can see how it will look on an actual product to see if you like it or not.

Here is a video that shows you how to easily modify a product at Zazzle.

It is also a great platform for businesses when they need printed material in bulk with their logos on them.

I’ll leave this list with a happy and stress free Christmas shopping,

Love, MiA



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