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10 Best Free Must Have FONTS in 2022 for every designer or artist

"This post might include affiliate links, cause I need to pay my bills."

Typography is the beginning of every creative project, from branding to creating a website. As a creative, your goal is to convey a message that anybody can understand and relate to. By using easy-to-read and relatable fonts you are already halfway there.

Using the right typeface for your designs can truly make a difference. Because if you use the wrong font that is hardly readable despite looking cool, your readers won’t understand what you’re trying to say.

For example, handwritten calligraphy looks amazing, but if you use it as small print or when you have a lot of words to write it becomes hard to read. The reader needs to stop and take their time to actually read it. Today, nobody has that luxury. Everybody skims over the ads and pins, and you need your message to be quick and easy on the eyes.

Fonts and typefaces have always been around but not all of them are free. The majority of them are affordable and when you go through the proper channels to get a certain font you get the license to use it freely. Otherwise, you can get in a lot of trouble, legally speaking.

But fear no more, there are also a tone of FREE for personal and commercial use fonts available, you just need to search a bit.

Here I’ve gathered 10 FREE to download fonts and you can use them commercially as well.


Ok, yes, this font is FREE for personal use only, but hear me out. It really looks dope, and the license is only 14$. So, I mean let’s not throw it under the bus just yet. It is a new modern serif font with an elegant touch to it. It is perfect for invitations, postcards, posters, book covers, advertisements, and the list goes on.


Now here’s a font I dig. It is FREE to use personally and commercially. Its form was carefully crafted to show structure, strength, and style. It looks perfect for posters, catchy headlines, bold and loud messages, and much more.


Ramona is a free display font. Her look is playful and textured. She is FREE for personal and commercial use. This font gives off a warm and friendly vibe that can touch anybody. The free download has a bold and light version, and it’s multilingual. Meaning I can use Slovenian with it.


It is FREE for personal and commercial use. This one is an elegant display typeface. It has a stencil form that combines rounded and rectangular forms. It is also multilingual. You can use it for branding, posters, letterheads, packaging, and a whole lot more.

5. SAINT REGUS - semi bold condensed

It is FREE for personal and commercial use. If you want or need other fonts of this family, unfortunately, you’ll have to give at least 18$ for each. But this one is cool and FREE. This font family is continuously growing, and it is also multilingual. It currently has 21 fonts.


This one is FREE for personal and commercial use and I’m loving it. It has a strong industrial style and is a sans serif font. It is great for creating logos, promotional materials, ads and much more.


It is FREE for personal and commercial use. This is an old-style serif. It is available in extra light and thin italic. The font is unique and diverse. Just what you need for that extra edge in your designs.


It is FREE for personal and commercial use. A display sans serif font, that has a Ukrainian touch to it. Going from sharp contrasts in strokes and widths. It is also multilingual with both Latin and Cyrillic glyphs.


It is an open-source font, which means available for modification, contribution, or download on its GitHub page. In a nutshell, it’s FREE for commercial and personal use. It is a sans serif version of a different font called Bagnard and it was inspired by the graffiti writing of an unnamed prisoner.


It is FREE for personal and commercial use. An open-source typeface that includes 8 weights ranging from ultra-light to extra-bold. You can get it for desktop or in web font files. This type of fonts have been used in typewriters and computer mode since ages. This typeface has a modern monospace typeface, and it gives off a clean, minimalistic feel, and can be used for various designs.


There you have it.

10 best FREE fonts for 2022 that will give your designs a new and fresh look and feel.

But use them wisely, you don’t want to overdo the usage of too many fonts in just one design.



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